Thursday, 18 August 2016


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Dress to impress

 T.M.Lewin brand is known since 1898 for its rich variety of suits and shirts made from very good quality fabrics in a wide range of traditional to modern designs in many colors and details that make them unique.

 Now come to present a new suit, which offers high protection against crusching and creasing so that we can have flawless appearance throughout the day,leaving you feeling comfortable due to
its innovative open weave also absorbs excess water.
 It can be combined easily and be worn by men of all body types because it is available in slim and regular fit.
Certainly it is one more piece of the famous British brand that will be loved by those who want to be from morning till night( to work, to walk or on their trip) comfortable, stylish and always in fashion.
You can find them on Friday 19 August on the shelves of selected stores in UK and all over the world.

 I would like to thank from my heart the T.M.Lewin team for their preference  to present once again their new designs on everythingpossible.